Things to Do in Piedmont with Kids

Things to Do in Piedmont with Kids – We’re just back from northern Italy and I’m slightly overwhelmed. It exceeded expectations for the entire family and I don’t know where to start. Of course there were tears, tantrums and nappies to change but so many beautiful towns, foods and experiences to share. So here’s a taster in images of what’s to come, what made our trip so special and I’ll share the fab accommodation we were so lucky to find.

Things to Do in Piedmont with Kids

Things to Do in Turin and Piedmont with Kids

Architecture – Things to Do in Piedmont with Kids

From Turin itself, to each small town we visited, Piedmont was picturesque, welcoming, attractive and captivating. It’s a gift for tourists to be able to pull into virtually any Piedmont town and stroll in the sunshine surrounded by beautiful buildings. Here’s a post on the capital Turin with kids, and an additional post on Saluzzo and Manta.

Food – Things to Do in Piedmont with Kids

Italians are proud of their cuisine across the entire country but the Piedmont region is the birthplace of the Slow Food Movement so they place dining on a very high pedastol. Truffles, hazelnuts, snails, chocolate – Piedmont is special. Delicious. I’ll tell you the best places we found below.


Piedmont is home to the renowned Barolo wine and the slightly lesser known Barbaresco. You can visit both towns and sit on terraces gazing out on beautiful scenery whilst tasting the best of the nebbiolo grape. Italy is so child friendly that our tots drank their milk, played with toys and ate the complimentary grissini and cheese as we went wine tasting.


Italian coffee is lush. Lavazza’s story started in Turin but you can also try a Bicerin – coffee, chocolate and cream often with a sprinkling of hazelnut. Heavenly.

Museums & History

Italy is the nation for art lovers. Be it traditional frescos or modern cinematic creativity Piedmont offers a range of palaces, galleries and museums for all ages.


Rolling hills under an Italian sunset. I don’t need to say any more.


The roads in Piedmont are of exceptional high standards, you can whiz between quaint, historical towns on modern roads and in a flash you can drive back to Milan airport ridiculously swiftly – great when you have small, impatient passengers. And if you try the metro in Turin there are even ‘kids seats’ with the best view – Starship Enterprise/Star Wars anyone?

Things to Do in Piedmont with Kids

On the Turin metro – to infinity and beyond…

Churches & Cathedrals

Every church and cathedral tells a story but Turin’s Cathedral stands out. We witnessed about 40 priests taking confession in the most calming environment. The Turin Shroud replica hung discreetly in the background as Catholics gently mumbled their thoughts.


It’s always the people who make or break a guest’s experience of a place. Italians are so family orientated that trotting around with my tribe felt like the most natural thing in the world – which of course it is.

Things to Do in Piedmont with Kids



We stayed at an Agriturismo, part farm, part hotel. It was utterly charming, you won’t believe the views its garden playground, and food excellent, so discover more here.

Scots2Travel flew from Edinburgh to Milan with Easyjet as the flight times were very child-friendly – 1245 departure on the way out, 0930 departure on the return leg. We picked up a hire car at the airport and headed to Turin then into the Piedmont hills.

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    Great post

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      May 12, 2016

      Thank you! It’s a great destination.

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    May 12, 2016

    Great post! Italy has been on my wish list; I hope I can see it soon:)

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      You have to go – I spent 2 months there and I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface. Try to spend a lot of time there!

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    Looks perfect – good wine, great food and lovely scenery, my idea of a great place.

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      It was blissful. I’m not saying the children were angels, but pretty close!

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    Looks like you had a lovely time over there! Italy is definitely a destination I would love to visit, great post.

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