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You might remember that I started a Down on the Farm series about places where wee kids could be introduced to animals and farm life, as I’d realised that my own tots didn’t have a clue where their food came from (except a big delivery truck) and they only saw farm animals from the car window.

vintage-1216720_1280On Friday I was lucky enough to feature on BBC Radio Scotland’s ‘Out for the Weekend’ show for the second time discussing this very topic.  Yes there were a few technical issues at the beginning but that’s just part of the fun of live radio.  Click here and head to 01.26.25 to listen.  Hope you and your tribe can talk to the animals this summer.

If you want to visit any of the sites we touched on they were VSA Easter Anguston Farm, Belwade Farm (horse welfare- post to come soon), Agriturismo Brusalino, Forvie Sands (to see the seals), the Moness Resort in Perthshire (visiting soon) which offers Highland Safaris and Red Deer/Barn Owl experiences and the University of Aberdeen’s Zoology Museum (post to come soon).  The lightweight brand of outdoor buggy I rate is Out n About.


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    Very cool. This sounds great – I will take a listen!

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