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As the year comes to a close it’s definitely time for a bit of positivity so what I want to do is  celebrate establishments that go above and beyond when it comes to families, parents and children.

We all know how nice it can be to eat out with your kids, to celebrate a special occasion with a family meal but equally how stressful dining in public can be.  Ok, scrap the nice bit, sometimes it’s just stressful.  Therefore I think we need to share the best of the best of dining with children and recognise those establishments that truly welcome families.  I plan to do this all over Scotland but I’m starting with my home city of Aberdeen.  And this is where you come in.


So embarrassing. I asked for shallots when I meant scallops!

Tots2Travel will gather together our top ten Family Friendly Restaurants/Cafes/Hotels in Aberdeen and Shire but the Parents’ Choice is up to you.

I’ll count up every single restaurant and cafe suggestion put forward by you on the blog, on Facebook, on Instagram and on Twitter.  In January 2017 we’ll highlight those establishments which deserve a little recognition for doing all they can to assist families with those colourful meals out!

All you have to do is comment below with your recommendations for restaurants or cafes in Aberdeen and shire and why it worked for you as a parent.  

Perhaps it’s got great baby change facilities, maybe kids eats for free or the kids’ menu is fantastic, perhaps there are great things to do nearby as well.  Whatever matters to you.  Be it a chain or an independent eatery you tell me what works.

 Recommendations must be submitted by the stroke of midnight on 31 December 2016. Yes, you’ve got till the very first second of 2017 to contribute.  If you don’t fancy commenting on the blog then comment on the relevant Tots2Travel Facebook post or the Instagram post.

In January 2017 the independent cafe/restaurant/hotel with the most recommendations will be awarded “Best Independent Family Dining in Aberdeen & Shire – Parents’ Choice”.  And the chain cafe/restaurant/hotel with the most recommendations will be awarded “Best Chain Family Dining in Aberdeen & Shire – Parents’ Choice”.  [A chain is classed as any group of restaurants/cafes with the same name with five or more branches in Scotland – please name a specific branch.]

Hopefully at the end of this we’ll have gathered together a great resource, a strong list of places for families to eat, useful for locals and tourists alike.  Let’s start by showcasing the best this region has to offer.  Get voting!

Details – Each individual can recommend as many different venues as they like so if you have 6 restaurants you love, tell me all about them.  You can highlight the same venue once on each medium, that means if you love ‘Mr Blogs’ Cafe’ you can recommend it once on the blog, once on Facebook and once on Instagram.  

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    December 1, 2016

    For one of the chains, we are always pleased with Carluccios. The staff are friendly with the children & the children’s menu is varied and a good price.

    For Aberdeenshire, we enjoy going to the garden centre at Drum and it’s nice to have a distraction with the play area by the castle when the weather is nice and also have time to enjoy a snack or lunch.

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      December 1, 2016

      Thanks Rachel. Perfect suggestions! Will add them to the pot.

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      December 5, 2016

      I second Carluccio’s… our little loves it and his favorite is the ravioli!!! Good menu choices in the kids menu that its not chicken nuggets
      We also enjoy (with little people) wagamamas and cefe andaluz… good menu choices as well and good background noice so they just blend in!!!

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        December 6, 2016

        Thanks for commenting. I’ll put all three suggestions forward. I’m happy eating in any of those restaurants too 🙂

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