Hostelling with Kids on BBC Radio Scotland

Today I was talking with Fiona Stalker on Out for the Weekend discussing family hostelling around Scotland. My initial experience of hostelling, long before children and marriage, was the usual story of international travel, footloose and fancy free, and vast dorms of bunkbeds – not conducive to family travel, especially with young children who go to bed around seven, possibly cry through the night, then wake any time from 6am. I didn’t see how hostelling could work. I was wrong.

When I revisited hostels in my head, we decided to embark on a wee hostelling tour of the north east of Scotland. We discovered that modern hostelling works well for families. It works really well.

LISTEN here AT 01.36.00 TO FIND OUT WHY.

For more info on the new Sail Loft in Portsoy click here. This hostel even has its own hot tub and it’s brand spanking new.

img_20170215_175053_253_resizedFor further info on the Cullen Harbour Hostel click here. Post coming soon. This hostel is metres from the sea and has a family wing with an ensuite shower room.

I discovered these hostels on the Scottish Independent Hostels website, a not for profit organisation with over 130 members in Scotland.

What are the Benefits? From a family perspective hostelling was great as we could cook for our kids in the shared kitchen and enjoy the communal side of hostels. Yet we also had some personal space to be ourselves. And the price was good too. Overall hostelling is a fascinating way to see Scotland, and because there’s not necessarily rhyme nor reason to where independent hostels are located so you can get a little off the tourist trail.

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