Travel Purchases for March

I’m starting to feel summery, in my head at least. It’s grey and raining today but thoughts of summer are hard to suppress so I’ve picked up a few pieces to make the transition easier, and satisfy my cravings for a season of warmth and sunshine.


SHOES – It sounds like I’ve admitted defeat when I say that fashion, since motherhood, has an added element of practicality. For me it’s the truth, so each Spring I invest in a pair of flats, ideal for chasing kids and travelling in comfort. This year Next is, again, making the humble lace up a little more enticing. At £35 I know I’ll wear these silver satin weave beauties into the ground. Practicality doesn’t have to be purgatory.

20170311_084351_resizedCLOTHING – It’s easy to kid yourself summer is approaching by investing in a new bikini. It’s also one item that I never want to buy last minute: trying on ill-fitting or unflattering swimwear with a deadline is not high on my list of fulfilling activities. River Island’s Resort swimwear range is embellished, bold and beautiful and looks far more chic than its high street price tag. The range is practical, with quite sporty cuts, but then enhanced with elaborate beadwork and cut outs, or detailed straps, piping and panelling that show a level of design work that I don’t always find at reasonable price points. The top is £26 and the matching bottoms are £14, and they’re also available in black.

20170311_083825_resizedMAKE-UP – I’ve discovered a summer makeup product that simply delivers, it’s easy to apply and genuinely leaves skin with a dewy finish. I was looking for a tinted moisturiser with a very light coverage and most products I tried still, well, they still looked like foundation – too heavy and too thick. This is genuinely light coverage. The Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturing Balm has a SPF of 25. It is quite a big and heavy pot for travelling but I may have to make room for it. At £39.00 it’s not cheap but I’m quite fanatical about getting a quality base product. This balm is a moisturiser, suncream and tint in one, I tend to wear a moisturiser under it anyway but it’s a rich, creamy base that delivers on its promises.

THE KIDS – LONDON – We were given this fantastic book called ‘3 Go to London‘ as a gift. From M&S Kids this is a great text for anyone planning a trip to London with little ones as it highlights some of the key attractions that are popular tourist destinations. When the boys were small we could take them anywhere, no questions asked, but as Mr Boy is now very mature (he’s 3) any trip is easier if he’s engaged and has already invested in it. The book highlights the Natural History Museum (pictured), the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, The British Museum, sailing along the Thames, riding on the London Eye and going underground on the Tube. Mr Boy is now particularly excited about the prospect of going by tube to see the dinosaurs. At the back of the book was a ‘press out and build’ London bus which was a bit flimsy and unnecessary but I loved the story itself. Other stories in the series include the three besties going to the farm and going camping.

20170311_094835_resizedTHE KIDS – SCOTLAND – This book is more Orcadian than generically Scottish. Peedie Selkie by Michelle Robertson tells the gentle version of the tale of the Selkie (seals that transform into humans and walk amongst us) and it taps into island mythology on a child’s level. Sharing regional dialects, such as ‘Peedie’ for the word ‘small’, is another benefit. Other books in the series include ‘Peedie Puffin’ and ‘Peedie Bee’, published by The Orcadian. Another plus side for this book is its small size, ideal for suitcases or popping into my handbag before heading to a restaurant to keep my cherubs entertained. Orkney is rich in folklore and this gift, from one of the islanders to our son, is a lovely way to introduce them to the most popular inhabitants of the islands – the seals. The back page of the book is full of curious facts and figures about seals, from what they eat to the recent 40% drop in their population and the reasons behind it. We have yet to visit Orkney as a family but I’m sure it will be on the cards soon enough.

Womens Travel Light PinkTOILETRIES – If getting your toiletries organised for a trip does your nut in then TravelToiletries2Go is offering 10% off all toiletry sets using the code TTPACKS10. They’ve made up a special travel kit for babies as well as offering ready made kits for ladies and gents. All products are under 100ml and each collection includes a clear bag which meets the requirements of UK airline security for toiletries in hand luggage. There’s also a page dedicated to explaining UK hand luggage regulations if you’d like further information on what you can and can’t do with regards to standard liquids.

Well, that’s it for March but I admit it may be a long while before I’ll get any use out of the bikini but you can’t say I’m not prepared.

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March 8, 2017



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    fifi + hop

    March 14, 2017

    Nice round up – I may have to check out the Bobbi Brown lotion as I need a new one with tinting benefits ;). Love the shoes! And you won’t be finding me trying on any new bikinis quite yet – have to get rid of the winter wine gut first..

    • Reply


      March 14, 2017

      Ha! I was going to Tenerife in early February so I pretty much had to be bikini ready by the end of January! The Bobbi Brown balm is great if you’re genuinely looking for light coverage. It’s quite rich too which I like.

  2. Reply


    March 14, 2017

    That bikini top is amazing! Will definitely get myself down to River Island for a look.

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      March 14, 2017

      Yes, it’s time to razzle dazzle them, but in a very practical cut.

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