Anyone for Glamping? As debated on BBC Radio Scotland's 'Out for the Weekend'!

This afternoon Fiona Stalker was putting both camping and glamping under the spotlight on Out of the Weekend on BBC Radio Scotland. I was more than happy to discuss glamping from a family perspective.


Our lochside view

Whenever I go camping, whatever the weather, whatever I wear, I wake in the middle of the night frozen, even my face is frozen, so I was anxious that our kids (aged only two and one year old at the time) would be little icicles. Whilst some families take to camping like ducks to water it made sense to us to gently introduce ourselves to the concept of family camping with glamping.

Do you agree with the case I put forward for family glamping? Click here and take a listen at 01.24.00.

We had our first wonderful experience of glamping on the Dundas Castle Estate in South Queensferry, close to Edinburgh and its airport. If you want to discover if this particular holiday might work for your tribe read the full review here.

Happy Glamping!


Our home, our canvas cottage, for two nights.

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