Aviemore with Kids – Family-Friendly Activities & Attractions

I've written about Aviemore over the years, but I've pulled together all the cool things we've experienced to write up a comprehensive post of family activities and attractions for kids (and big kids).

I’ve humiliated myself on the Cairngorm Mountain numerous times in my futile attempts to ski in Aviemore. I love this part of Scotland, and regularly refer to it as the Playground of the North. It works all year round, but Aviemore in the snow is pretty magical. Here’s a list of family-friendly activities- it’s Aviemore with Kids…   *Contains affiliate links

New Accommodation Update – Summer 2021

My friend has recently opened this self-catering holiday home in a sought after location in Aviemore. It’s in a secluded cul-de-sac with access to the Aviemore orbital path right across the road, so you nip into the centre of town on the main road, or take the orbital path as a family. I haven’t personally stayed yet, but I’m sharing it because I know how hard it can be to find self-catering in Aviemore. I think she’s pretty booked up for summer but availability later in the year. Search under a Friday-Friday stay only (one week or a fortnight etc. as long as it’s Fri-Fri). Check prices and availability here.

Landmark Forest Adventure Park with Kids

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We only just visited Landmark this October, and this forest adventure park lives up to all hype. It was actually way more fun than I could have hoped for.

Highlights include rope trails for all ages – a Monkey Trail for wee ones, a Tarzan Trail for kids over 1100cm and RopeWorkz for those over 1.5m high. I went on the Tarzan Trail with my four year old, and whilst it looks straightforward it’s pretty stomach-churning – it feels higher than it looks, trust me! In a gentler vein, it’s great to see toddlers attempting the Wee Monkey Trail.

The Runaway Train, Landmark

Other highlights were the Runaway Timber Train and the Wild Water Ride. Several indoor activities, such as an exotic Butterfly House, offered rainy day options. And lots of confusing, bamboozling curiosities appealed, from the Lost Labyrinth and the Illusion Chair to Bamboozeleum itself, which is full of mind-bending optical illusions.

We had a ball, and the description above only scratches the surface.

Tip – Landmark is open all year round but several rides are seasonal. Entry prices reflect this but check what’s available before you visit. Secondly, Landmark doesn’t operate on a token system, which is a huge bonus. Once you’ve paid to enter it’s job done. No more fees. Yes, you have to queue for the more popular attractions, so avoid peak days/times where possible.  There is so much to do, expect to spend most of the day here. For info on prices click here.

The Highland Wildlife Park

The big attraction at the Highland Wildlife Park is Hamish, the cutest polar bear cub, and the only polar bear cub born in the UK in 25 years. With feeding talks, a self-drive safari and many animals to spot on foot, from tigers and red pandas, to camels and monkeys, it’s educational and fun. If we could tackle it in swirling snow then I’m guessing it works in most weathers. If you fancy it click here for the lowdown. For prices take a look here.

The Aviemore Reindeer Herd with Kids Kids

courtesy of the Aviemore Reindeer Herd

Meeting a reindeer herd in the run up to Christmas is festive and magical for tots. We first visited the Aviemore Reindeer Herd just after Christmas Day, and the kids believed that these were the actual reindeer who had helped Santa on Christmas Eve.

Guests can take a hike up the hills to meet the UK’s only free-range reindeer herd, or visit the paddock to see the beasts up close and learn more about them. The paddock is a far more manageable option with wee ones, but older kids may prefer the hike.

Crafts and a story-corner were also popular with our kids. For a full write-up of what you can get up to visit here. For prices click here (currently Under 5s are Free).

The Strathspey Railway

A vintage steam ride through the countryside works for all ages. But with Mince Pie specials and Santa Express services, this railway outing can feel very child-friendly and Christmassy indeed. We took our 5 month old on this 10 mile journey several years ago, and it was so chilled, proving kids are happy to look out the window at any age. Fares and timetables are here.

The Cairngorm Mountain, Funicular Railway and the Highest Café in Scotland

Baby skiing in Aviemore

The Cairngorm Mountain offers skiing, snowboarding, train rides and dining in the Ptarmigan Restaurant, all in one place. When it snows, the Cairngorm Mountain gives kids the chance to learn new skills and try new sports. Ski hire is available in several shops around Aviemore, classes can be booked, or just style it out on the baby slopes. Find further info here. JAN 2019 – THE FUNICULAR IS CURRENTLY CLOSED.

Tip – Firstly, wear helmets! Secondly, hire kit rather than buy it, as kids grow fast. Buying kids’ ski gear second-hand is not only cheap, but usually good quality, as children grow up so fast and need new skis and boots relatively quickly, so wear and tear can be minimal.

Play at Your Hotel

Some Hotels in Aviemore offer more, way more! We’re talking cinemas, activity centres, swimming pools with flumes and wave machines, not to mention three storeys of soft play. To find a family-friendly hotel where you can, not only rest and recuperate, but play and entertain yourself, is a huge temptation. One example is the Macdonald Aviemore resort. We were invited to review it as a strong family-friendly option in Aviemore. Read the full review here for photos and more info. For an Autumn/Winter offer click here.

Tip – Book dinner in advance, it’s a very popular resort!

Family-Friendly Meals


Eating out with wee ones is relatively easy in Aviemore, as the family market is valued here. Highlights to look into include the Mountain Café, Macdui’s, Giovanni’s and the Winking Owl.

If you do over-indulge the area is blessed with a mix of hikes, walking trails and outdoor activity centres such as the Rothiemurchus Estate and the Craggan Outdoor Activities Centre. And skiing burns off so much energy, (perhaps because I’m rubbish at it and use up a lot of calories panicking) I can eat like a horse.

Our Story

We usually drive direct to Aviemore from Aberdeen, especially as many attractions are easier to visit with private transport. Alternatively, Aviemore has its own railway station, served by Scotrail and the Sleeper train direct from London.

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December 8, 2018



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    Kathi Kamleitner

    November 24, 2018

    I feel like Aviemore gets overlooked so easily, with everyone just heading straight to Inverness or Skye. I love exploring the area – there is clearly so much to do!

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      November 26, 2018

      Maybe it depends where you start your journey as well. Aviemore is very popular with Aberdeen folk, as it’s so close, yet feels so far removed from city life.

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    Migrating Miss

    November 28, 2018

    I’ve only ever passed through Aviemore so I didn’t even know half of this was there! Definitely need to make a proper visit!

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