Indoor Activities for Tots – What to do if it RAINS in Mallorca

If you see this post and think I don’t need to know about rain in Mallorca then trust me, if you end up there and the heavens open you will be googling the bejeesus out of ‘rain, what to do, rainy day activity, day out in the rain, Mallorca, someone help me, anyone, kids are climbing the wall, help’ and then you might thank me.  This is just a little weapon in your parental armoury so keep it safe and, like James Bond, whip out your cunning secret weapon when it’s required.  So on with the post…

Sorry to do this to you but occasionally us tourists or travellers, especially us Scots, well me in particular, can go on holiday and we’re crestfallen if it bloody rains.  I’d like to say I go on holiday for family time but sunshine is a HUGE draw for me and my pasty little crew.

One day in Mallorca we were betrayed.  Big style.  It rained SO MUCH AND SO HARD and I didn’t know what to do so here’s some realistic, splendid ideas of what to do if you find yourself in the peeing rain on your summer holiday.  Sulking isn’t an option…

-Run away to a monastery.

I kid you not.  This is exactly what we did.  We still wanted that calm holiday feeling rather than rushed hubbub so we escaped to a monastery in the hills.  Random but fascinating.

100_3329High in the Tramuntana mountains is the Lluc monastery, reached by spiralling up the ascending roads through the little towns of Selva and Caimari, the journey is so removed from package holiday land it’s picturesque despite the rain dinging it down on your windscreen.

100_3333When you arrive it’s pretty zen like, as the monastery says, ‘For visitors from overseas we offer an alternative to the typical days on the beach and nights spent partying. Our accommodation is an unexpected oasis of tranquillity’.

100_3354The architecture is worth admiring, the chapel has that relaxing charged atmosphere I only find in religious buildings, the garden encourages exploration and the restaurant is like a grand medieval hall where Mallorcan fare is within reach.  Sometimes unexpected weather makes you explore new places a little off the beaten track.  I was so glad we did.

2 Make like a Womble and go UNDERGROUND


Photo courtesy of the Drach Caves

There are several cave complexes to explore in Mallorca and they are absolutely breathtaking.  If you can’t bear the thought of dragging yourself off a sun lounger to see magical stalligtites and stalagmites then perhaps when the heavens open you’ll consider some mole action and head beneath the earth.  The Drach Caves on the east coast of the island are one of the most well known.  Their tours take around one hour, they include a classical music concert (but of course) and a boat trip across an internal lake.  And don’t worry about it being dank and miserable the temperature inside is a cosy 21ºC.

Drach barques gran

Photo courtesy of the Drach Caves

There are lots of caves to choose between so explore here to see the range available – this could be a perfect outing for a budding explorer, scientist or geologist. [The Drach tour follows a 1.5km path.  If you don’t like boats then you can walk the lake rather that set sail.]

3 Hit the shops.

My friend’s pal was coincidentally in Mallorca the exact same week we were.  I found out when I admired her little boy’s outfit at a child’s birthday party and she explained that she’d hit the shops in Palma on a DREADFUL day of rain and she felt that Zara had a better range of babynclothes at far cheaper prices than in their UK stores. (Zara is a Spanish company dating back to 1975.)

Retail therapy in the rain with luncheon thrown in.  Works in any country in the world.


Photo courtesy of the Palma Aquarium

4 Any regular readers will know I’m a bit obsessed with the old aquarium.  Well not to  let the side down there’s an Aquarium in Palma which may be just the ticket when you’re soaked to the skin and seeking an indoor adventure – Palma’s “55 aquariums contain 5 million litres of salt water and more than 8000 different specimens of around 700 different species found in the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans.”  OOOh.  Beautiful place.

Visita 3-Palma-Aquarium

Photo courtesy of the Palma Aquarium

5 I’ve mentioned this in an earlier blog post about Mallorca but it is a great rainy day option, catch the train up to Soller.  This scenic ride is literally through the Sierra de Alfàbia mountain range, in a train dating back to the early 20th century, so it’s a quality excursion for all ages and in all weathers.  When the rain’s lashing down outside there’s something endearing about travelling through the countryside tucked up in a historic railway carriage, and the tots should love it too.

Alternatively, stay at your resort, take a walk in the bucketing rain (it’s never actually that cold) get soaked through, and enjoy being a bit bonkers.  Then get the tots home, warm showers, cosy towels, fresh clothes, and create a new universe with the tiny (flight friendly cabin baggage size) toys you’ve brought with you.  A pack of cards doesn’t go amiss either, then a stiff gin once the day of rain has finally passed.  Hopefully the sun will shine for you tomorrow.


THE LOWDOWN – We flew to Mallorca from Aberdeen with Barrhead Travel and stayed at Seaclub Mediterranean Resort in Puerto Alcudia. We travelled by hire car around island so please email for hire car advice as what we experienced was a bit bonkers.

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    February 4, 2016

    Loved it! Beautiful clicks too 🙂


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      February 4, 2016

      Thank you.

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    fifi + hop

    February 6, 2016

    Wow – the monastery and the caves look amazing.

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      February 8, 2016

      Thanks. Sometimes bad weather forces us to try something new.

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    Indah Susanti

    February 17, 2016

    Great tips – the cave looks amazing! To visit the aquarium is great idea as it is certainly educative activity for the kids 🙂

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      February 17, 2016

      Yes. It was a really strong offering. Lots of beauty too.

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