SeaClub Alcudia Majorca with Kids

SeaClub Alcudia Majorca with Kids – Who, with children, is looking for an easy holiday in the sun? I could take my baby in a sling up the Amazon, or attempt to take Mr Toddler skiing, but frankly I can’t be arsed.

Having two babies under two I wanted to get on a plane, not think too hard, and be poolside by lunchtime. I didn’t have the energy to organise any more.

Da, da!! Mallorca. It was last minute, we didn’t have to plan, we didn’t have to concentrate, we simply had to turn up.  By lunchtime, yes, we were in our dookers at Seaclub Mediterranean Resort in Alcudia where we’d booked a one bedroom aparthotel for a week. So here’s what worked and what didn’t.


Mr Toddler entertaining himself at his favourite pool


What makes SeaClub a hit with parents are the facilities – we met several families on their second, third or fourth trip to this hotel. The complex is VAST, and generously peppered everywhere are play parks, basketball courts, sandpits, table tennis tables, volleyball courts and six outdoor pools with loads of sun loungers. Kids ran riot – in a good way.


Shallow pool with no ‘edge’

Each pool was different and our favourite one was spot on for toddlers as it didn’t have an edge, Mr Toddler could just walk in up to his ankles and play with the communal toys with other children – balls, buckets, watering cans, inflatable crocodiles, inflatable boats etc. Interventions over toy ownership was naturally commonplace: shouts of ‘Mine, Mine, Mine’ rang through the air – you know the score – and a parent would grudgingly leave their lounger to discuss ‘sharing’.

SeaClub Alcudia Majorca with Kids

Trying to teach Mr Toddler the finer skills of volleyball…


The apartment was straightforward. The kitchenware was pretty poor. I don’t mean I was standing there shrieking, ‘Where’s the Garlic Press?!’ but Mr Baby had just started weaning so preparing fruit and veg on a plate with a blunt knife gave me a new respect for the humble chopping board and a sharp implement.

The shower room was new and smart, it looked like it had been recently refurbished. The bedroom/kitchen/living area meanwhile were basic in terms of furnishings but were comfortable and clean. I believe many have since been refurbished, so take a fresh look here.


There was loads of entertainment, every day, every night for ‘all the family’. At one point we saw a gaggle of children trotting round on ponies, which seemed like a random mirage – too much sun perhaps? There’s a kids club and always something going on for the young discerning holidaymaker.

SeaClub Alcudia Majorca with Kids

SeaClub Alcudia Majorca with Kids

Mr Toddler LOVED the kids entertainment, Mr Toddler LOVED the nightly baby disco from 7pm, Mr Toddler had the time of his tiny life. The adult entertainment is pure holiday shenanigans – Reptile Night, Phil Collins impersonator, full on holiday randomness.  Sadly I had to miss out on ‘Sussidio’ and ‘Easy Lover’ as we had to put the babies to bed each night, so we just drank wine instead and hummed ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’ as the sun set.


The resort caters for All Inclusive/Full Board/Half Board with a standard ‘help yourself’ buffet offering. Our deal was B&B but we bought extra stamps for extra meals. SeaClub is really flexible about how you use your stamps – you had to purchase a minimum of three days worth but you could use them however you wished i.e. you could have breakfast and dinner one day, and save your lunch stamp for another day. It was very relaxed and easy to use. There were lots of high chairs available in the dining room so no stress or rush and I didn’t have to use my elbows to get the last essential chair. It always makes mealtimes more pleasant if you’re not physically fighting with other parents.


Check in and check out were smooth and quick. The Reception staff were lovely and instinctively chatted to the little ones and entertained them. We’d booked two travel cots (which we had to pay extra for) and they were waiting for us in our accommodation – always the million dollar question if your travel cot will actually materialise. There were also several little shops on site selling food basics, toiletries and beach toys.

For a guide on day trips and things to do in the Puerto Alcudia area, click here. And if it does rain when you’re visiting, here’s a list of indoor ideas!


We booked through Barrhead Travel and flew direct from Aberdeen to Palma. The flight time was three hours so we only had to intensely parent in public for a relatively short time. We booked a car hire for rock bottom prices at Palma airport from Gold, and it was a 2hr + wait – I would NOT recommend using them.

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