Easyjet – the Best Email for Parents

I’m going give straightforward praise to an airline.  Easyjet has done something so wonderful yet so simple other airlines should consider following suit.  Listen up.


When we booked our flights from Edinburgh to Milan with Easyjet we clearly had to state that we were taking small people with us and automatically this generated an email that was sent back to us explaining EVERYTHING about flying with children on Easyjet.

Usually I am scrabbling around in the baggage small print trying to find exactly what I am  entitled to take onboard. It can be like the Crystal Maze, dashing around online, pulling my hair out till I’m bald, trying to suss out what is meant by a buggy – it must be collapsible, it can be a double buggy but in that case it must be lilac.  I’m exaggerating but Easyjet has figured out that parents, on the whole, are baffled enough day to day and really don’t want to spend what little leisure time they have searching for information about flying with children.  Ping – Easyjet just emailed it straight to me in an easy, digestible form – is there anyone I could hug from the company?

The email included very straightforward information including:-

You can take two travel items for children with you to the boarding gate, such as buggies, car seats, push chairs and travel cots. For more information please visit our website. 

If you’re travelling with under 5s, we’ll board you and your family early.

Baby changing facilities are provided on all our flights. If you’re travelling with an infant (under 2 years of age), you can bring an additional small baby changing bag on board the aircraft. This bag must be placed under the seat in front of you.  [I love that the change bag isn’t counted as hand luggage- what a bonus.]

The email also included a Video and a link to an entire page about flying with children.


I think this is a game changer in airline policy and airlines’ approach to families. As a single woman I used to buy one airline ticket but it won’t be long before I’m buying four return seats on a plane. Family custom should be encouraged, nurtured and respected by anyone with business sense.

I’ve never had a bad experience on an airline but this moves into the realm of the positive- a proactive engagement with families- I feel valued as customers and overall I really, really like it.  High five Easyjet.


Courtesy of EASYJET Pix.Tim Anderson



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