Travel Purchases for Italy

If you’re reading a Tots2Travel post then you’ve probably spent time trying to remember EVERY SINGLE THING your darling child might require on holiday and then challenged yourself to ram a week’s worth of nappies into a bag small enough for ‘hand luggage’ along with your angel’s entire wardrobe, toiletry and entertainment needs.

I’m starting to gather essentials together for the upcoming trip to Italy and here are a few of the gems I’ve found which might come in handy if you’re going abroad or if the sun starts to shine wherever you are (we’re experiencing freaky snow weather in Scotland).


My children have been wrapped up in vests, pyjamas, gro-bags, duvets, you name it, to keep the Scottish winter at bay so I’ve invested in these shorts and t-shirt pyjama combo for Italy.  At £12 for two pairs from Sainburys I thought they were good value and any tot will rock the funky stars – the red striped pair reminded me of Aberdeen Football Club!


20160425_082107In terms of inflight entertainment I’ve got this fab Peppa Pig Busy Pack up my sleeve to whip out as required.

My boy actually won it at a birthday party (for his dance moves unbelievably enough) and he was so distracted at the party that I squirrelled the pack away, hid it in a wardrobe and he totally forgot about it.

He will love it on the plane or in a restaurant when I’m trying to distract him.  I don’t feel like I’m spoiling him as I kinda stole his prize and hid it.

Poor child.

For me I have bought this utterly impractical tunic/dress from New Look which Mr Toddler or Mr Baby may well yank down to my waist, but hear me out, I’ve being pregnant or breastfeeding from February 2013-March 2016 and my wardrobe has been dictated to for long enough so I do not care how practical this is.  There’s hopefully some other mothers out there who understand how I feel.  I’m going to chance it.  I also currently share the tan of the New Look dummy but I’m hoping to improve on this.

Like many mothers I also needed a pair of flat soled shoes as I do not teeter around with my children, I am not a celebrity just a mere mortal.  I wasn’t exactly excited about parting with cash for a sensible shoe but the current range from Next had a collection of metallic trainers so I opted for these in the gold shimmer.  Ideal for chasing Mr Toddler up the cobbled streets of Turin.

20160428_142329And in terms of suncream my friend is an Arbonne consultant and she gave Mr Baby this suncream for Christmas so we’ll be taking it with us too.

It’s still a while till we go, and I am nervous about a city break with very small children, but it’s always best for me to start the packing furore in advance!

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    April 29, 2016

    Hope you have a great time in Italy:) Happy and safe travel!

  2. Reply

    fifi + hop

    April 29, 2016

    Too funny – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hidden my kids’ gifts, only to resurface at a convenient time later..

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      April 29, 2016

      Cunning eh!

  3. Reply

    Alok Singhal

    May 2, 2016

    I am sure you are very well prepared. Have a fabulous time in Italy, Scotland and wherever else you are going 🙂

  4. Reply

    Traveling Rockhopper

    May 5, 2016

    Starts are sweet! 🙂

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