August Travel Purchases & Back to School Shenanigans

20160814_135821It’s the time of year when last minute summer holidays, school preparation (for most people I know!) and even thoughts of the October holidays are coming into focus.  Here’s a few of the gems that have helped me through this delightful period!

The Dress that Gives and Gives – I bought this little number whilst on a hen do in Edinburgh (mothers always find time to shop whilst finally on their own).  I mention it because it just works, at home or abroad, by day or by night, with sneakers or strappy sandals.  It’s a great length too and at £14.99 I nearly fell over.  H&M at its finest, I salute you.

Back to School or Days Out Exploring – Smiggle recently opened a very colourful new store in Aberdeen’s Bon Accord Centre which makes me wish I was a few decades younger, a great place to raid for ‘back to school’ treats.  My little ones are too young for the classroom but I was taken with this 2Tone Silicon Roll Bottle for Mr Toddler on his many days out.  What appeals to me is that when it’s empty it can be squished flat in your bag, or rolled up into a tiny ball and tucked in a corner of your luggage so it’s great for holidays too.  It holds a lot of water (as Mr Toddler gets older and bigger those tiny sippy cups no longer cut it) and if he drops it the silicon won’t crack or shatter.


20160818_183608This funky pencil case, called the Groovy Hardtop Pencilcase, again perfect for school, is also great for our trips because its hard cover stops all his precious crayons breaking or getting crushed.  Also good for more grown up plastic rulers, protractors or pointy compasses which can crack or simply stab you through material pencil cases.  Mr Toddler also likes telling me all the images on the front – red car, alien, spaceship – as he clearly thinks I’m the one who needs an education.  Unsurprisingly he didn’t recognise the cassette tape.

Noddy has also hit our household.  Published out of DC Thomson in Dundee this magazine has proved quite popular with a certain young man.  I’m genuinely rating this read as it’s not only educational in traditional terms  – numbers, letters, colours etc.- but there were sections on being happy and being sad, encouraging parents to discuss feelings with children, so quite a new approach really.  Each issue seems to contain a million stickers – always a sure fire winner – and the magnifying glass went down a total storm with Mr Toddler, repeatedly holding it to his eye to shouts of ‘INVESTIGATE’, much to our amusement.  We took it on holiday and he ‘investigated’ all over the Costa Brava, all over Costa Barcelona and up into the Montserrat mountains.


Thorough investigations at the Montserrat Monastery – Noddy style

Lastly Sainsbury’s has 25% off Tu clothing right, running till midnight on 22 August 2016 online and whenever the shops shut on Monday.  I picked up matching shoes for my tots because if I want my children to look cute and ridiculous in matching outfits that’s my prerogative 🙂


Happy travels.

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    August 19, 2016

    I’ve seen the adverts everywhere, yes, it’s that time of the year.. back to school soon.

    I quite love H&M, they do affordable and comfy clothes !

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      August 19, 2016

      Affordable, comfortable and also pretty darned stylish! 🙂

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    August 19, 2016

    that’s a nice dress!:)

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      August 19, 2016

      Pretty lush, and so versatile.

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