Christmas Travel and Beauty Gifts for You & Your Loved Ones

Christmas Travel and Beauty Gifts – Having travelled around Scotland with the kids throughout 2019, these are the ideas and inspiration that I’ll happily share and recommend. I rarely write these types of posts, as I’m v choosy, but these are my finds over the year. [There are a few affiliate links, because it would be foolish not to insert them, but all recommendations are off my own back and genuine.]

A Weekend Away

To book a romantic weekend away child-free, my top recommendations would be the Michelin starred Peat Inn in Fife, the fascinating Douneside House in Aberdeenshire, the sumptuous Links House in Dornoch, and the dramatic Fife Arms in Royal Deeside.

For a luxury family escape consider the Fairmont in St Andrews, Crieff Hydro in Perthshire and Gleneagles in Perthshire. The latter two include free childcare, and the Fairmont has a cool playroom. I have stayed in all of these venues, for work or pleasure, and adored every minute. And for hot tub fun, consider Argyll Holidays – their Drimsynie estate was a hoot.

Christmas Travel and Beauty Gifts

Hot tub fun with Argyll Holidays

Gifts – Christmas Travel and Beauty Gifts

Purchase toiletries, textiles, perfume and more in the Gift Shop

100 Acres – I’m a total sucker for luxury toiletries in quality hotels. I love trying them, but I’ve never gone home and bought some – until now. When I stayed at The Fife Arms in Braemar everything smelled fresh and delicious. That’s because of a brand I’d never heard of before, the luscious 100 Acres. Their toiletries are a breath of fresh air, and the delicate scent lingers wonderfully. I’ve ordered myself the body lotion, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner for Christmas, having been gifted money by a relative to buy a treat.

ThisWorks – I often need to travel light, and limit liquids for flights. This product combines a serum, moisturiser and primer in one. I usually pick this up in Marks and Spencer for £29.99 for 40ml.

Christmas Travel and Beauty Gifts

In Transit Camera Close-up by thisworks

Travel Make up Brushes – My pal gave this set of make-up brushes from Jack Wills a few years ago. I have no idea if they still sell them, but it was such a great gift for me, and I use them on every single trip I go on.

Shay & Blue – Black Lily – Perfume in an airline friendly size is a handy gift for a travel loving pal or relative. Another gem, available in Marks and Spencer. It’s quite a rich, wintery scent, but the range has lighter, more floral options too, but Black Lily rocks my boat. £30 for 30ml. Jo Malone is another perfumer with a wide range of scents under 100ml.

Beauty Pie One Powder Wonder – I’m a member of Beauty Pie and love experimenting with their products, which are in simple, lightweight packaging, ideal for weekends away. I’m specifically mentioning this powder because you don’t have to colour match it. It works on your skintone whether you’re tanned in the summer, or peely wally in the winter. It’s also so fine I find it sits on the skin well, whether it’s the heat of summer or in the snow, and it doesn’t particularly crease on  older skin. £5.44 for members, and £26 for non-members.

Cashmere – A luxury gift that screams Scotland is a touch of cashmere. I  bought some bargain pieces in the Borders, renowned for its luxury production. Over the years I’ve bought myself a Brora jumper, and I’ve received or gifted cashmere gloves, scarves, and even cashmere gloves personalised with my initials from Johnston’s of Elgin. These pieces will last years (if washed correctly) and they’re classics.

Ultrasun Tinted Honey Face SPF30 for Winter Sun – I tried this product in an advent calendar last year, and I found it provides a tint, rather than full coverage. I bought this for a beach/island holiday when I desired some colour, but didn’t wish to be clarted in make up, and it delivered. £28.00 from Marks and Spencer.

Stocking Fillers

St Ives Cleansing Stick in Apricot and Manuca Honey – I bought this when I’d maxed out my liquid allowance on an airline. It’s a practical bet as a solid cleansing stick, available from Boots for £9.99.

L’Oreal lipstick that seriously DOES NOT BUDGE

If you want a lipstick that WILL NOT BUDGE ALL DAY, then pick up L’Oreal Les Chocolates Ultra Matt lipsticks. Only a few quid, they last through meals, flights, pools – unbelievable staying power. Available from Boots.


For people who have everything, or those who don’t want more ‘stuff’ in their lives, then food and drink (Scottish gin, conserves, steak) is an option, or theatre tickets and travel experiences will go a long way this Christmas.

I mentioned several fantastic weekend breaks above, but if you don’t wish to commit to that, you could perhaps consider a National Trust for Scotland membership, or a gift with more flexibility.

For the person who doesn’t want more stuff? A special membership.

You don’t even have to book or buy anything. One year I ‘crafted’ a home-made voucher covered in images of Orkney, because my husband had always wanted to visit. I didn’t know when he could take time off, so I didn’t want to book anything, but the voucher was my way to committing to visiting that year.

So there are a few genuine recommendations, from luxuries to stocking fillers, to provide some festive food for thought.

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