The Ultimate Scotland Quiz!

The Ultimate Scotland Quiz – 50 questions to see what you really know about Scotland. And these aren’t patronising easy ones, like ‘what’s the capital of Scotland?’, duh, but a little more interesting. Try to see how much you know without ‘checking’ online, but if the questions do make you want to learn or research a little more, brilliant! Let’s get going. *Contains affiliate links

1 Where in Scotland would you go to buy butteries?

2 What type of fish is used in Cullen Skink?

3 Which band was Clare Grogan in?

4 Name James VI’s wife?

5 What romantic comedy, with a football vibe, did John Gordon Sinclair star in?

The Ultimate Scotland Quiz

Catch a ferry from Sconser on Skye to land on this island

6 If you catch a ferry from Sconser on Skye, which neighbouring island would you arrive on?

7 Where would you find the Tomb of the Eagles?

8 What is the capital of Shetland?

The Ultimate Scotland Quiz

A small beach in Shetland’s capital

9 Which building houses Scotland’s National War Memorial?

10 What nationality was the architect of the Scottish Parliament?

11 What is the most northerly point of mainland Scotland?

12 JM Barrie’s childhood adventures at Moat Brae inspired Peter Pan. Where is Moat Brae?

The Ultimate Scotland Quiz

Where would you find Moat Brae?

13 Which band had a hit with Why Does it Always Rain on Me?

14 Who wrote Confessions of a Justified Sinner?

15 Where would you find the Carloway Black Houses?

Young Historian Exploring the Carloway Black Houses

16 Where would you find Soldier’s Leap?

17 In which Scottish castle were the Honours of Scotland (Crown Jewels) hidden as Oliver Cromwell’s forces advanced through Scotland?

18 What is the name of Gail Honeyman’s hit novel?

19 What is the name of the famous mountain range in Skye?

20 Name the most recent Scottish Dr Who.

21 The famous Sevens rugby comes from which Scottish town?

After a spot of sightseeing, anyone for rugby sevens?

22 What is the name of the witch in Tam O’ Shanter?

23 Billy Connelly is also known as the _ _ _   _ _ _ ?

24 Which Daniel Craig Bond film was set in Scotland?

25 Who played Jean Brodie in the 1969 film ‘The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie’?

Guess your cities?

26 In which city was Brewdog’s first bar?

27 What’s the nearest city to Fort George?

28 Which city is Scotland’s gaming/game design capital?

29 What hit BBC children’s TV series was filmed on Mull?

30 On which Orcadian island would you find the Italian Chapel?

The Ultimate Scotland Quiz

The Italian Chapel

31 The Royal Highland Show is held on the outskirts of which city?

32 What is St Andrew’s most famous golf course?

33 In which century did the Scottish Reformation occur?

34 When students stole/reclaimed the Stone of Destiny, where did they put it?

35 What mode of transport did the Shetland Bus operate during WW2?

36 What animal are the famous Kelpies statues?

37 Name the ruined castle on the banks of Loch Ness.

38 Where would you find Scotland’s famous free-range reindeer herd?

39 Which city had the nickname Auld Reekie?

40 What name is affectionately given to the whisky that evaporates as it’s being aged in barrels?

Highland Games! courtesy of VisitAberdeenshire

41 Which Highland Games/Gathering does the Queen usually attend annually?

42 Who wrote and performed the song Caledonia?

43 Who is credited with discovering penicillin?

44 Which city did Lulu hail from?

45 Translate ‘Fit fit fits fit fit?’

46 When is St Andrew’s Day in Scotland?

The Ultimate Scotland Quiz

Time for Tea?

47 Where in Glasgow would you book afternoon tea in Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed surroundings?

48 Where did the Vikings fight the Scots in 1263?

49 How many miles would the Proclaimers walk?

50 Where’s the best place to catch a haggis?



1 Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire/North East of Scotland/Grampian all pretty acceptable answers/2 Haddock or Finnan Haddie/3 Altered Images/4 Queen Anne of Denmark/5 Gregory’s Girl/6 Raasay/7 South Ronaldsay or Orkney is close enough/8 Lerwick/9 Edinburgh Castle/10 Spanish/11 Dunnet Head (not John O Groats)/12 Dumfries/13 Travis/14 James Hogg/15 Lewis/16 Killiecrankie/17 Dunnottar Castle/18 Eleanor Oliphant is Absolutely Fine/19 The Cuillins/20 Peter Capaldi/21 Melrose/22 Cutty-Sark/23 Big Yin/24 Skyfall/25 Maggie Smith/26 Aberdeen/27 Inverness/28 Dundee/29 Balamory/30 Lamb Holm/31 Edinburgh/32 The Old Course/33 16th Century/34 Arbroath Abbey/35 Fishing vessels – transporting spies and refugees from Nazi occupied Norway, and bringing agents and equipment back in./36 Horses/37 Urquhart Castle/38 Aviemore/39 Edinburgh/40 The Angel’s Share/41 The Braemar Gathering in September/42 Dougie Maclean/43 Alexander Fleming/44 Glasgow/45 Which foot fits which foot?/46 30 November/47 The Willow Tea Rooms/48 Largs/49 I’d accept 500 or 1000/50 Probably the supermarket 🙂


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  1. Reply

    Lynette Hammonds

    August 21, 2020

    I only got 2 questions right. And my ancestors are Scottish. Wow, am I a disappointment!
    I’ve been fascinated by bagpipe music all my life (I’m currently 85), watch the Scottish Tattoos on TV, have visited Scotland on one occasion for only a week, but loved the whole ambience. My maiden name was Foster.

    • Reply


      August 26, 2020

      Not a disappointment at all! This is challenging quiz even for those who live in Scotland. I’m so glad you were able to visit once, and still enjoy watching Scottish events online and on television. Best wishes to you.

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