First Holiday Romance! You Won't Guess How He Impressed the Girls…

We did not see this coming…

When you go on a package holiday with your 22 month old son you don’t expect to have to deal with a frickin’ holiday romance.  He’s 22 months old!

They met at the pool.  He was initially attracted to her inflatable crocodile(!?).  She was three (turning four), Norwegian and adorable.  She genuinely just seemed to like him, and he was delighted to be the focus of someone’s attention.  They kissed poolside that very afternoon and I got the shock of my life, shrieking at my husband, ‘They kissed! My God, they actually kissed!’

The next day they hung out at an impromptu kids club where a giant bear and giraffe entertained them – how romantic.  100_3378

They also spotted each other at the Thursday baby disco and started to seek each other out amongst all the other beautiful little children’s faces in the room. Something was brewing.

Then it was Friday night…

Weekend baby disco…

The big stuff.

Something came over me, I started acting a bit weird – I dressed Mr Toddler in a little white T-shirt as I think he looks best in white.  I combed his hair like Prince George’s (brush any kid’s hair and they look like Prince George).  I wanted him to shine.

He walked into the baby disco – she was there, the dance off commenced!  Then he decided he really needed to impress.  I didn’t know that he would bring out the big guns – oh yes – when Mr Toddler wants to impress …

he does …


That other chap might be 4 but can he do ... this!?

That other chap might be 4 but can he do … this!?

Yes, he’s got it going on.  At the disco he was doing this a LOT – he was clearly seeking approval.

Mr Toddler and his little pal were over the moon to see each other.  Whilst the other kids danced along with the holiday reps, the little couple ignored all others and just danced together making up their own grooves.  Or they just ran off, bolted across a vast auditorium before one set of parents shepherded them temporarily back to the fold.

Suddenly we had the question of the ‘inlaws’ – again not something I thought I’d have to deal with quite yet.  We hadn’t really acknowledged each other the first time the kids played together, then we smiled and nodded, but inevitably we did end up chatting after our kids had bolted and we’d retrieved them – again…

“It’s strange, nothing like this has happened before.  We’ve been here all week and we’ve seen nothing like it.  She’s played with other children but this is different, suddenly it’s happened, it’s very strange”.  The girl’s mother summed it up perfectly, they were innocent but this was somehow ‘different’.

The lovely wee girl left the next day, back home to Norway.  Throughout the week Mr Toddler continued to impress but it was never the same.


It made me look forward to him growing up.  Seeing him make a little girl’s face light up and vice versa was priceless.  I truly, truly hope I see him fall in love with someone very special.

I will always remember Mallorca...

I will always remember Mallorca… Lol 🙂


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  1. Reply


    October 19, 2015

    Haha, love it! He will break some hearts when he’s older!

    • Reply


      October 19, 2015

      Perhaps ! In my mind she was the sweetest girl in the room – I clearly lost it too!

  2. Reply

    Haley Bradley

    October 20, 2015

    It looks like he made a special friend. I remember the first time our oldest had his first crush…

    • Reply


      October 22, 2015

      Hope it was reciprocated 🙂

  3. Reply


    October 21, 2015

    Aw, such a cute weekend!

  4. Reply


    October 21, 2015

    Great post! You have an amazing blog:)

    • Reply


      October 22, 2015

      Thank you!

  5. Reply

    Anjuli Johnson

    October 22, 2015

    That is adorable! Such cuties. 🙂

  6. Reply

    Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side

    October 22, 2015

    Awww, so cute! And what a fun memory!

    • Reply


      October 22, 2015

      You’ve got to laugh 🙂

  7. Reply

    Natalie Weaver Busch

    October 22, 2015

    Oh how funny! Get ready, it sounds like you’ve got quite the charmer.

    • Reply


      October 23, 2015

      The whole thing was desperately charming… 🙂

  8. Reply

    Caroline @ In Due Time

    October 22, 2015

    so cute!!!! Ladies man for sure 😉

  9. Reply

    Colleen B

    October 23, 2015

    Adorable and wonderful story to share someday at his wedding!!:)

    • Reply


      October 23, 2015

      I’ve been told he’ll also remember all of this when choosing my nursing home.

  10. Reply


    October 23, 2015

    LOL! Kids are starting early nowdays, so I hear! My coworker’s kids have similar situations hahaha! So funny and cute!

    • Reply


      October 23, 2015

      So innocent and gorgeous – yet hilarious.

  11. Reply

    monika celly

    October 29, 2015

    Great start !! He is a sweetheart already 🙂

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