What to Pack for a Family Skiing Trip with Children

Packing for a Ski Trip with Kids – I was panicking taking the kids on their first ski trip – worried they’d freeze their tiny asses off. So whether you’re a newbie to skiing, or a pro, here’s a quick list to help with packing. Please learn from my mistakes! Any other suggestions, just drop me a line.  *Contains affiliate links

Let’s get started – To keep warm whilst skiing all that’s needed for kids, day to day, is a vest, long-sleeved top, jumper, leggings, trousers, waterproof coat, trousers, gloves and snood. Because you wear the same outdoor gear every day, the kids clothing underneath remains clean, so you need to pack far less than I did. 2-3 pairs of trousers, 2-3 tops and 2-3 jumpers is loads for a week. Children don’t sweat, and if they can’t spill food on their clothes then you really don’t need lots of outfits. So here’s a break down.

Packing for a Ski Trip with Kids

Packing for a Ski Trip with Kids

For All the Family – Packing for a Ski Trip with Kids

Waterproof coat and trousers – obviously. The kids and grown-ups will live in these for most of the holiday. I kitted the kids out in  brightly coloured Dare2B gear for my kids (click on the banner below if you like the look of their stuff). It made them so much easier to spot on the mountain, and it wasn’t too expensive. Coats, with pockets for the ski-lift-pass are also handy.

Leggings to go under trousers – I bought girls’ black and navy leggings for the boys for a couple of quid. Why pay more for male ‘sports’ leggings when nobody sees them and you can’t tell the difference? Wear the leggings under trousers as an additional layer. We somehow forgot our youngest’s waterproof trousers, but because he had leggings and thick trousers he was fine.

Padded Mittens – Essential. Warm hands make a huge difference. I find big padded mittens warmer than padded gloves. Bring a second pair of normal gloves to wear under these if you wish.

Winter Socks – Pull a pair of thick socks over normal socks, this keeps the feet cosy, and stops the ski boots rubbing or causing blisters. I brought two pairs of thicks socks for each child – my children are so young their wee feet don’t smell!

Ski Goggles – I bought goggles for the boys in the sales. They LOVED wearing them. I didn’t wear any, and I’m sure my children could have done without, but they adored them. When snow’s flying in your face goggles are kinda handy.

Packing for a Ski Trip with Kids

What to Pack for a Family Skiing Trip with Children

Snood or Hooded Top – anything to keep the back of the neck warm, and stop a cold gap between the coat and the helmet.

Hotel/Indoor Shoes – If you can ski to the door you only need one pair of outdoor shoes, and you’ll barely use those. I packed hiking boots and Timberlands for me, plus boots and snow boots for the boys. It would have been better to have only one pair of outdoor shoes, and a light shoe for the hotel. If your hotel has a pool, pulling on a huge pair of boots after swimming isn’t ideal. Trainers, plimsolls or loafers would have been more useful.

Dinner Clothes – If you’re eating in a chalet this might not be required, but we were in a hotel so it was nice to make a bit of an effort for dinner.

Ski resorts have a casual vibe, but a couple of smarter outfits for dinner make a difference. We made the most of a couple of plaid shirts for the boys, and soft knits and skirts for mummy.

Skis, Helmets & Boots – We rented this gear. Kids grow so fast it made no sense to buy it and pay extra fees to airlines to transport it. Dedicated skiers will prefer to invest.

For Grown Ups – Packing for a Ski Trip with Kids

Again, I’d packed too way many jumpers. As adults sweat more when they exercise it’s all about the base layers. Here’s what I’d add for adults.

T-shirts and/or Long Sleeve Tops – Your jumper will remain fresh, but a clean under layer for each day is required.

Jumper – One chunky knit would probably last the week, but if you like a bit of variety 2-3 is ample.

Leggings/Skinny Jeans/Jeggings – To go under your ski pants. 2-3 pairs is fine, depending on how hot and bothered you’re likely to get.

Pants and Socks – Two pairs of underwear/socks a day. After skiing most adults hit the shower or the pool, and it’s preferable to pull on clean under clothes.

If Travelling to Norway

Alcohol – It’s definitely worth packing a few bottles of wine. We certainly did, and it saved us a fortune as alcohol is hugely expensive in Norway. You can buy drinks in duty free at the airport, but even that didn’t seem particularly good value, compared to a few nice bottles from home. Click here to check current customs regulations.

Snacks – Food is also hugely expensive in Norway compared to the UK. For example, a Norwegian version of  a KitKat was over £3. Cereal bars, peanuts, chocolate, gingerbread, cartons of fruit juice, anything to keep us going and save a few pennies.

Things I Brought but Didn’t Need

Packing for a Ski Trip with Kids

Packing for a Ski Trip with Kids

Handwarmers – We only stayed out on the hill for a couple of hours at a time, so we were never cold enough to require these. It was quite reassuring knowing they were an option though.

Loads of Jumpers – I packed about 5 jumpers per person, figuring skiing was cold!

Thin gloves – I brought thin gloves to go under our padded ski mittens/gloves. I worried the kids would need two pairs of gloves, but one big pair did the trick.

Hopefully you will pack perfectly. Enjoy the snow!

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