A Scottish Winter Wonderland? Found It! A magical Aberfeldy Airbnb

aberfeldy Airbnb – Winter wonderlands are beginning to be portrayed in the media.  ‘We’ll get a cottage’ someone suggests, ‘a cute winter wonderland cottage’, but it’s not that easy.  You end up sick of trawling the internet for that impossible rural location that you and your family/friends can actually agree on.

20150117_103119Well, take a look at this view.  This is my own photo.  I have found that elusive winter wonderland in Scotland.  This is the garden of the cottage we rented.  Job done.  I take a bow.

The property’s in a tiny place called Fearnan, just outside Aberfeldy in Perthshire almost on the banks of Loch Tay (probably best to just google map it).  The snow fell, the setting couldn’t be more beautiful and it felt totally appropriate to hurl our gorgeous, tiny child downhill on a thin piece of plastic – his first experience of sledging.


Whose bright idea is sending the kid you love downhill on a red tray?

Mr Toddler was very welcome at his weekend home.  Toys had been left out for him which was ridiculously considerate of the owners.  We were content too – there was wood for the stove, and the kitchen was kitted out well enough for us to cook proper meals – a spinach and ricotta cannelloni no less.

We’d rented the house with our pals and their two children who had found it on Airbnb (a website where ordinary home owners can rent out a room or their house).  The bungalow wasn’t flash but it’s so homely, 3 bedrooms (2 double and one twin) and lots of comfy living space which came in handy when Mr Toddler started seriously teething at 5am and screamed the house down.

It’s the owner’s second home, and it feels like that, rather than a detached holiday rental.  Loch Tay glistens below you as you sit snug above.

Baby it's cold outside...

Baby it’s cold outside…  And I’ve got a biscuit…

The weird thing about houses in the countryside in Scotland is that it’s often pretty difficult to go for a walk as the properties are on busy, winding B roads.  It’s safest to get in your car and drive somewhere for a walk or visit a nearby town – Kenmore and Aberfeldy are good suggestions – but our focus was the garden and nesting in the house.  There were books and DVDs so we genuinely had quiet time, or noisy time, but it was all pretty simple.  Snowballs.  A glass of wine.  A good book.  Sledging.  Cooking.  Eating.

The house’s Airbnb post has 69 photos on it so if you’re tempted please take a peak.

And here’s some ‘Additional Notes’:- I can’t guarantee snow for your winter wonderland, I just hope it doesn’t sleet, sleet’s rubbish.

-Another point about winter wonderlands is that driving to them can be hairy.  We left Aberdeen on a Friday and drove in light snow, during the day, to reach the property by 3pm.  Our pals who left after work had a rougher trip in deeper snow, in the dark, so it’s worth thinking ahead in terms of what you pack, when you can leave, the weather forecast and the condition of your car etc. especially when travelling with tiny humans.  Have a sparkly time.


The View is Affa Bonnie


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November 10, 2015



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    November 2, 2015

    I do like Scotland. I visited Ullapool one year, in the far north west, on the shores of Loch Linnhe. Despite being early May, it was snow covered too! 😊 I must say the views from that holiday home are spectacular – am impressed 😊

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    December 15, 2015

    How beautiful! I love Your photos!

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      December 16, 2015

      Thank you so much!

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