Can I Visit Scotland – Covid-19 Update

Can I Visit Scotland – Covid-19 Update – This is the question being asked daily, so here is the official guidance and websites to find the information you need to make your own decisions that follow the guidelines.

Phase 3

-Scotland has left Lockdown and we’re moving along our route map. Indicative dates for new changes can be found here– scroll down to see the easy to read tables and charts.

Highlights – Self-catering properties were permitted to open from 3 July and access to second homes was permitted! Hotels, self-catering/camping with shared facility could reopen from 15 July.

Museums, galleries, monuments, libraries, various other visitor attractions, cinemas (including drive-ins and venues screening films) – could reopen with physical distancing and other measures (e.g. ticketing in advance) from 15 July.

-THE Official Government Route Maps ARE THE BEST THING TO RESEARCH, REVEALING WHAT SHOULD BE POSSIBLE AND PERMITTED AS LOCKDOWN EASES, OUTLINING PHASE 3 AND BEYOND. These route maps are subject to change but let you know what to expect.

-Face masks are mandatory on public transport, and in shops (from 10 July).

-Quarantine rules are changing all the time – read the official guidance here, and research a specific Scottish link here.

We are Not the Same as England

Please don’t assume that what the UK Prime Minster, Boris Johnson, says necessarily applies to Scotland. So yes, it helps to follow UK and Scottish policy – please see the links below.

Is Scotland Safe to Visit - Covid-19 Update

Can I Visit Scotland – Covid-19 Update

Key Information


The sites you need to monitor are:-

The Scottish Government – – this is the most relevant site to discover what you can and can’t do in Scotland when it comes to the Coronavirus.

Found more about the current case load in Scotland, this includes tests undertaken, positive results, negative results and deaths –

For a UK picture click on this link –

Can I Visit Scotland - Covid-19 Update

Can I Visit Scotland – Covid-19 Update

Foreign Office

To seek information and guidance from the UK Foreign Office visit their site here –

NHS – National Health Service

For health advice and the latest NHS updates visit their site –


The are many media sites to consider and news stations available, but the BBC offers a lot of free information, paid for by the licence fee.

For the latest Scottish news visit BBC Scotland – For wider news stories, such as the UK and global news click here –


VisitScotland is Scotland’s destination management and marketing organisation. It will encourage travel to Scotland, when it’s safe to do so –

Can I Visit Scotland - Covid-19 Update

Whisky & Castle Country

Other Personal Considerations

Insurance – Insurance policies have changed quite significantly. Be sure to check new policies, and any amendments to pre-existing policies, to ensure you are happy with what’s covered.

Foreign Office/Airports – If it gets to the point that Scotland welcomes visitors, be sure to check your own Foreign Office/Airport to check you’re permitted to leave your country, visit Scotland, and return home!

Risk – Even when Scotland tentatively reopens its doors, it’s important to consider what is your concept of risk and reaction to it.  A holiday is there to be enjoyed, so be sure to travel when you can relax, not necessarily when everyone else starts to travel.

Cancellation Policies – As this is an ever-changing situation be sure to check that you’re happy with the cancellation policy and customer service history of those that you book with.

Can I Visit Scotland – Covid-19 Update

Scotland is a beautiful country, with a rich history, and so much to see and do. Stay safe.

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